Menard pressuremeter test

The pressuremeter test is an in situ controlled load-deformation test that is performed by applying pressure to the sidewalls of a borehole using a radially expanded probe. From the test readings (volume variation based on controlled pressure), a strain-strain curve can be obtained from the soil in the case of plane deformation. The pressuremeter test provides the following parameters:

  • Ménard pressuremeter modulus (EM);
  • Creep pressure (pf);
  • Limit pressure (pl).

In this test, CiviLab supports the following standards:

  • ASTM D4719-87;
  • EN ISO 22476-4;
  • BS EN ISO 22476-4;
  • NF EN ISO 22476-4;
  • NF P 94 110-1.

The outcomes of pressuremeter tests (PMT) allows engineers to design foundations that will be stable. Our soil laboratory software “CiviLab” facilitates the processing of The pressuremeter test and reduces the time required, also CiviLab provides high quality reports and archives them properly

CiviLab handles the following process:

  • Pressure loss calibration (Linear and nonlinear: P= b. Va + c);
  • Volume loss calibration (V(P) = a.P +Vc);
  • Plotting the curve of volume variation versus the pressure;
  • The calculation of: EM, pl et pf;
  • Plotting the pressuremeter profile;
Test sheet samples in PDF format Download the user manual for this test

Sample screenshots

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