Micro-deval abrasion Test

The Micro‐Deval abrasion test is a test of coarse aggregate to determine abrasion loss in the presence of water and an abrasive charge. This test has gained acceptance and popularity as an economical and accurate procedure for aggregate abrasion testing

Our soil laboratory software “CiviLab” facilitates the processing of The Micro-deval abrasion Test and reduces the time required, also CiviLab provides high quality reports and archives them properly

In Micro-deval Test, you use CiviLab to:

  • Calculate the Micro-deval abrasion loss ;
  • Save and print results appropriately;

How to use Civilab to perform a Micro-deval abrasion test?

I- Input Test Data:

Click on the "Laboratory tests" tab then click on the "Data" button in the "Micro-deval" panel (see Figure 01) Then:

  • Enter the test name;
  • Enter the date of the test;
  • Select the layer which should be used in the drawing process;
  • Select the type of the test (With water or not);
  • Enter the standard used;
  • Input the mass of the sample;
  • Input the granular class;
  • Input the abrasive load in grams;
  • Input the MDE requirement;
  • Enter the test outcomes (dry mass of sieve retained in grams);

After that click the "Add/Modify" button

Micro-deval abrasion test, screenshot 01, CiviLab: Soil laboratory software

Figure 01

II- Add a sheet (The report page):

Click on the "Sheets" button in the "Micro-deval" panel (see Figure 02) Then:

  • Enter the sheet name;
  • Select the font;
  • Select the layer used in the background drawing;
  • Select the tests;
  • If you want to display general project informations check it;

Then click the "Add/Modify" button

Micro-deval abrasion test, 02, CiviLab: Soil laboratory software

Figure 02

III- Display the report:

To display the report, click on the sheet name in the tree view (Figure 03)

Micro-deval abrasion test, screenshot 03, CiviLab: Soil laboratory software

Figure 03

To export or print the report, click on "Home" tab, then click the appropriate button in the Outputs panel (Print or Export button) as shown in figure 04

Micro-deval abrasion test, screenshot 04, CiviLab: Soil laboratory software

Figure 04

IV- Example of Los Angeles abrasion test report:

Micro-deval abrasion test, screenshot 05, CiviLab: Soil laboratory software

Figure 05

What is CiviLab ?

CiviLab is a multilingual civil engineering laboratory software (Soil and concrete). Our laboratory software allows you to perform the tests with your preferred language and provides you a multilingual reports. Designed by civil engineers to meet your expectations, our soil and concrete laboratory software allows you to manage the tests carried out within your laboratory or in situ with remarkable flexibility and reliability. Easiness of usage, allowing members of your laboratory to master CiviLab in record time.

Our soil and concrete laboratory software supports the following languages

  • English;
  • French.

CiviLab manage the following tests:

  1. Geometric properties (density, Moisture content, Void ratio ...etc.);
  2. Grain size distribution test;
  3. Atterberg limits test;
  4. Sand equivalent test;
  5. Micro deval abrasion test;
  6. Los angeles abrasion test;
  7. Proctor compaction test;
  8. Direct shear test;
  9. Oedometer test;
  10. Drill hole log;
  11. Heavy dynamic penetrometer test;
  12. Menard pressuremeter test;
  13. Concrete mix design- ACI method;
  14. Concrete mix design- Dreux- Gorisse method;
  15. Concrete mix design- Bolomey method;
  16. Concrete mix design- Faury method;
  17. Compression test on concrete;
  18. Ultrasonic testing;
  19. Bitumen Extraction test;
  20. Bulk relative density of bituminous specimen;
  21. In-Situ Density Measurements.

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