Proctor compaction test

The Proctor compaction test is a laboratory method developed by Ralph R. Proctor in 1933 to determine experimentally the water content necessary to obtain the maximum dry density of a granular soil (or not) by compaction at a fixed energy. Our soil laboratory software “CiviLab” facilitates the data processing of the Proctor compaction test. Also, CiviLab allows you to provide high quality reports and archive them properly. In this test, CiviLab supports the following standards:

  • ASTM D1557-91;
  • ASTM D698;
  • BS 1377-2:2022;
  • NA 5262;
  • NF P 94-093.

In the Proctor compaction test you can use CiviLab to:

  • Standard and Modified Proctor;
  • Standard and Modified Proctor Mould (Proctor and CBR);
  • Plot the compaction curves (You can draw multiple curves in the same sheet);
  • Calculate the maximum density (γOPM) and the optimum moisture contents (WOPM);
Test sheet samples in PDF format Download the user manual for this test

Sample screenshots

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