Ultrasonic testing

Ultrasonic testing of concrete is a non-destructive test to assess the homogeneity and integrity of concrete. With this test, following can be assessed:

  • Qualitative assessment of the strength of concrete;
  • Any discontinuity in cross section like cracks, cover concrete delamination etc.;
  • Depth of surface cracks.;

Our concrete software “CiviLab” facilitates the processing of The ultrasonic test. Also, CiviLab provides high quality reports and archives them properly. In CiviLab, the available correlations and recommendations are:

  • RILEM curve;
  • Yun et al. (1988)
  • Canadian recommendations;
  • CNERIB recommendations.

In this test you can use CiviLab to:

  • Calculate the strength of concrete (based on several formulas) ;
  • Save and print results appropriately;
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