Bearing capacity: Menard pressuremeter test

Footings are the bases laid on the soil on top of which a structure is erected. Thus, it is the foundation on which a building or any such structure stands upon. They are made of concrete having reinforcements inside them and are poured into an excavated ditch or conduit. Before the foundation is built, a test is done to assess the strength of the soil bearing capacity to ascertain the type of foundation to be built.

Ultimate bearing capacity is the maximum pressure a foundation can exert on the soil before a large scale failure occurs. Such failures can be catastrophic with collapse of the structure. CiviLab calculates the bearing capacity of an isolated footings from the results of the pressuremeter test according to

  • NF P 94 261 (Eurocode 7);
  • DTR BC 2.331;
  • DTU 13.12.

CiviLab allows you to:

  • Calculate the bearing capacity of a shallow footing according to several standards;
  • Provide high quality reports;
  • Archive reports correctly.

With "CiviLab", you can easily calculate the bearing capacity of a shallow footing. CiviLab also provides high quality reports and archive them properly

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